Chalice Companions

A Community Seeking Spiritual Health


Welcome to the Web Home of Chalice Companions

We are a community of people seeking new lives through growing a healthier spiritual life.

What is our Purpose?

To provide encouragement and support for those members of the church family who yearn for a deeper, more intimate relationship with our God. 

What Do We Believe?

·         We believe that God wants to have a close relationship with all God’s children.

·         We believe that our happiness is intimately connected to the closeness of our relationship with our God.

·         We believe that we must be intentional about growing this relationship or it will simply slip out of our immediate list of concerns.

·         We believe that by following the Rule of life, we will find a deeper, more satisfying relationship with our God. 

Therefore, we come together to explore our relationship with our God and to be held accountable in intentionally following the Rule of Life.

Centering Prayer Workshop to be held September 20, 2008. For More Information Click